Hacked website? We can take care for you

Rely on us to secure your website without headaches. We do so for more than 10 years.

Avoid hosting malicious software without your knowledge

Sniffing of credit cards, phishing private data (eg. Email, login credentials to other sites, php shell), they are just some of the pitfalls that may be encountered if an attacker load malicious code on your website and you know nothing about it.


Avoid being used as a bridge for further attacks

Very often the malicious hacker installs malware that allows him to use your hosting resources as a bridge to go against other websites (eg. Proxy, DDOS attacks, IRC server ….) or to issue some other prohibited activity. Even if such attacks are very difficult to be discovered, they are very risky because they withdraw your account’s resources and they can compromise your reputation, being offended with your own credentials.


Avoid notices of dangerous site on your users' browser

Modern browsers sometimes advise sites’ users that the usage of such a site is dangerous because they detect malware of offending activities. This is a great damage for your corporate image and your business and, also, it may cause your website to get penalties in SERP on search engines.