Shared Hosting

Our professional Shared Hosting solutions.

NEW Add to your hosting plan our SSL Certificate. And improve the experience of you visitors being fully compliant with google requirements. For all hosting plans and all services, Denali accepts also payments in cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, etc)

 Hosting LightHosting AppHosting Entry PROHosting Gold PRO
Storage2 GB5 GB10 GB50 GB
Monthly Bandwidth10 GB20 GB50 GB150 GB
Mailbox/Total mail space5/2.5GB5/5GB

or 5X1GB Zimail account


or 10X5GB Zimail account


or 20X10GB Zimail account

Total Database quotan-a1 GB1 GB3 GB
Backupincluded, 3 retainincluded, 3 retainincluded, 3 retainincluded, 3 retain
SSL certificateincluded, domain validated, no-profitincluded, domain validated, no-profitincluded, domain validated, no-profitincluded, domain validated, no-profit
SecurityAntimalware e antidos/ddos inclusiAntimalware e antidos/ddos inclusiAntimalware e antidos/ddos inclusiAntimalware e antidos/ddos inclusi
Fee2.42 EU/month

(annual invoice)

2.92 EU/month

(annual invoice)

6.75 EU/month

(annual invoice)

16.25 EU/month

(annual invoice)

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Affordable and secure Hosting with Zimbra

As a difference with most of our competitors, Denali offers either a traditional email service or a high quality email and collaboration suite based on Zimbra that is the well known alternative to Gmail with email, calendar, file and collaboration enterprise level features. This service is with full encrypted functions and connections. You can have this service included free in your professional hosting plan. To learn more.

Denali is running a distributed, high secure network with hosting servers based on XenServer with opensource technology. The bandwidth at your disposition is 100 Mbps for Denali webservers. Included traffic is always very high and you can benefit of Denali assistance, that made our trade mark so well known worldwide. The customer has great control of his resources with ISP Config control panel and the costs are always clear and under control with professional level resource control panel.

Shared professional hosting. cheap hosting
Shared professional hosting. cheap hosting. assistance

Denali has further expanded its network of servers in the world and this has enabled the creation of hosting services ever more efficient and powerful solutions that can provide truly professional. The professional packages have now increased web space with much more traffic included. The available bandwidth is much wider, allowing a truly outstanding performance. All servers do have daily snapshot backups in the cloud and more disk space. Our control system hosting (web hosting control panel) allows the customer to control every aspect of your hosting using the latest technology 64-bit.

With Denali, also, you can have SPF DNS records already set on your domain, in order to validate best your email messaging and best fight the spam incoming. The incoming spam is also managed with greylisting antispam, spamassassin, and most modern antispam technologies on the market.

Main features
Highly secured Linux Debian or CentOS installation
Email features
Postifx mailsoftware with courier IMAP and Dovecot. SSL enabled. Spamassassin, clamav antivirus, policyd greylist and quota protection. SPF ready, iphone and android ready.
Web Mailbox Interface
Roundcube webmail. All other webmails are supported to be installed
MySQL database ready to go with full administrative tools
Additional features
Anti dos and ddos systems to protect your accounts from scanning, parsing and dossing. Your accounts are safeguarded with banning systems.
Programming & Software
All opensource Linux (php/mysql) software is supported: WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Magento and much more are fully supported.
Server Configuration
Latest OS Install of CentOS and Debian are installed on our servers. All servers are connected to our central monitoring server that 24h watches the services to calculate time of response and performance.
Network Configuration
100 Mbps network is supported on all systems.
Support & Monitoring
Nagios monitoring server is connected to all the servers.
Setup: no activation fees
Setup: no activation fees

With all our shared hosting packages, the following tools are included


  • ISP Config Control panel
  • phpMyAdmin Mysql control panel
  • Webmail Roundcube
  • Web File Manager PyDIO

If something more is needed, you can check out VPS servers, or you can contact us in order to have tailored informations from our consultants.

* best effort