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You can have a fax number on area code of Italy, Switzerland or any other Country since we have a full world coverage. Infact you can choose the country you prefer and also the city or the region you need for your business. We will activate a new number of the area code you chose. Denali has got the most complete area code collection with the maximum coverage. When the number has been activated, you can start receiving faxes on that number. All received faxes are converted in an email with PDF attached that you can read everywhere simply in your email mailbox with any client on any kind of computer or smarphone. Really nothing is better and gives you more freedom. You will have also a simple and powerful web software in which all your data are simultaneously and automatically stored with no need of action from your side.

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Italy fax offer

Setup EUR 15.00 - Annual fee just EUR 69.00/year (3 EUR outboud traffic included)
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Outbound fax

Your inbound fax account is also enabled for outbound traffic and you’ll have a 5EUR credit for you outbound faxes. Faxes are quickly sent through email in just a click: single faxes, multiple faxes, massive

The great advantages of virtual faxing

This service is very useful for professionals and persons who may have only one phone line or don’t want to have a line busy just for fax or for all the companies (big or small) who wish to use the service for benefit of great performances of email. Infact, companies, may create different fax numbers, one for each office or department and get, immediatly, fax and emails into their email clients. Also the faxes can be received both from inside the company and from outside, since, as in email communication, the virtual fax “follows” the customer and delivers the fax everywhere with no paper, no machineries at all. The cheapest price of the service, also, gives the possibility to the company, to lower the costs and multiply the company numbers to increase the image towards customers.

Price description: Denali Faxgateway®  – virtual fax

Here below, all the services associated to this great product.  For Italy, for example, there are all cities’ area codes at your disposal. For the other countries there are all cities and districts. Just a click to activate them. For Italy the service price is EUR 15,00 (+vat where applicable) for setup annual fee of EUR 69,00 (+vat where applicable). Please use the dropbox menu on this page to choose country and district you wish activate. The price is also shown.

Denali is the first virtual fax and voip operator to use cloudcomputing technology for data storage. This technology gives the customer the maximum security on the data stored and easy reachability of data on the cloud. The storage servers by Denali are latest generation servers and they can perform automatically all safety operations, backup and redundancy included. Please note that Denali fax service is quite different from competitors’ one. Infact only with Denali you will have SLA 99%, encrypted storage and backup of all your data in an unlimited and durable way. This is great for your security and for your business that is very important for us.

Virtual fax features detail
Cost for italy numbers19,00 EUR Setup, annual fee 84.00 EUR /year
Cost for other countrieslook at above dropdown
Fax receiveUnlimited receiving, no additional costs
Multiple faxes receiveYes, 3 channels included
Online data storageYes, unlimited, web based cloud
Storage technologyOn-the-cloud
Change/add receiving emailSelfservice in control panel
Customer careYes trouble ticket 24h/7d
Documents formatPDF
Webcontrol panelYes
Additional costsNO
Professional web fax to email
professional fax to mail

Exclusive for Denali’s customers: The Cloudbear websoftware for management and storage

Denali gives to customer a high value added service, that is this powerful system for management and storage of unlimited amount of faxes. In instants, infact, the database if populated of all the interactions of the client (faxes received of sent, contacts, groups and much more). This is free for all the customers with great value added for customers and really different from the most competitors. The software features are:

  • Online automatic storage of all the received (and sent) faxes in pdf format;
  • Automatic storage on the cloud;
  • Faxes online preview without any external application;
  • Online zoom and printing tool;
  • Online share tool. You can share a fax as simply as sending a link