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Denali VOIP

Denali Voip is the answer of Denali at today company comunication needs. Phone through internet and the possibility to have a local area code number for Italy, Switzerland and over 5000 different locations where receive your incoming call. Receive all your calling everywhere your are, the only thing that you need is an internet broadband connection. If you have your Voip phone correctly setup, you need just to connect to ethernet plug in order to receive your calling on your Voip number. Remember is not a matter if you are in Italy, Switzerland, foreign country or everywhere.

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Offer for Italy area codes

Setup EUR 0.00 - Annual fee EUR 60.00/year (5 EUR traffic included)
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Great feature for Voip Services

  • Gepgraphic, dedicated VOIP number (all the Italian contee available, all major jurisdictions in the world available)
  • Capability to receive all your call from everywhere: every city, place, state
  • Real low cost calls routed over the Internet
  • Capability of “trasport” the voip number with you. Also if you need to working away
  • Report with specific cost of call
  • Capability of setup redirection, on standard number or mobile number
  • Calls to fixed and mobile phone extremely convenient
  • Unified international calls to give low rates to call mobile phones
  • Ability to use your number and your account on smart phones (eg. iphone)

Call us if you need special prefixes international city, we have almost all European countries and also many non-European. Read the insights into the use of VoIP on smart phones iphone Denali and find how to use all the facilities Tritema Voip comfortably on your smart phone to reduce the costs to the bone phone with your favorite phone.

You can really cut call expenses

Out voip terminations are able to give you maximum savings for your calls. Either business calls or call center calls, are high quality standards and the cheapest you can achieve. The high number of channels included allow several multiple calls in the same time without loosing quality. Please find below the wholesale callplan.

Click here to download our wholesale callplan. Here you can find all rates applied for all arecodes worldwide. You can apreciate our competitive rates and our full range coverage.

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Voip PBX

What ‘a virtual PBX ? It ‘a real PBX based on voip numbers that allows you to manage your phone calls in a very professional way. In fact you can configure your extensions and you can perform redirections and benefit of a synthetic voice that welcomes those who call you.

The following features of the basic version:

  • Max 4 internal departments
  • Synthetic female voice that give welcome (IVR) and indicates the menu (available in Italian or English)
  • Capability of redirect your call, to the internal department also external number
  • Help of our technical staff in order to modify or customize your Switchboard setup
  • Initial setup included
  • Nobody hardware needed on your company (just voip phone if you want, also, the softphone are ok however)
  • No software to install
  • No skill required

The Denali Voip PBX can ‘be used with any SIP client and with any type of VoIP phone hardware that supports the SIP protocol. The phones are softphone software that is installed on your PC and allow you to connect to the voip number or directly to the virtual switchboard Tritema. We recommend the ZOIPER software a very complete and available for any platform (Windows, MAC, Android, iOS). Should you need a more customizable solution, you can activate one of our VPS servers with the software installed.This makes possible to have all the power of a fully functional pbx, dedicated to your business. We use Asterisk as technology platform.